Trade API can be used to integrate with Trading Robot or other applications.

Or if you are a programmer who wishes to integrate Nucex with your system, please see the Trade API Manual Guide here.

The following are ways to activate the Nucex TRADE API

  1. Login to your account then select the profile picture in the upper right corner then select the settings menu.
    cara mengaktifkan API Trading di Nucex
  2. Click the Trading API tab, there is a form Active Trading API Status change it in to True then click submit, if already the Traading API status is active and can be used for bot or other purposes. Please copy the token that is in the Current Token form and enter it into the headers with the JWT parameter. For more details about API, please open Nucex API Documentation
    The token below is access to your account for use in bots or other applications, if one day your token is known to someone else and wants to replace it. Please click submit, the new token will be made and the old token will no longer be valid
    cara mengaktifkan API Trading di Nucex