Nusantara Crypto Exchange (NUCEX) aims to be the first Crypto Currency Exchange licensed by Bank Negara Indonesia in this aspect. Even though there are many other outside Exchanges in operation, NONE of these Exchanges are licensed by Bank Negara Indonesia. Hence (NUCEX) has a competitive advantage towards crypto community in Indonesia and gain trust from both the community plus Indonesian Government.

NUCEX foresee the License will be the benchmark for it to perform as expected by governing bodies and hold responsibility to uphold integrity in what matters most, transaction transparency and trust.

Being local, system is accessible to the Central Bank to evaluate and monitor from time to time from the report compiled by a Compliance Officer, as directed.

This proposal and Nusantara Crypto Exchange is made entirely based on Bank Negara Malaysia’s Exposure Draft (Sector 6) – Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) – Digital Currency) document along with other supporting documents and references plus journals by professional body worldwide.